Cocoon tree-house by Dome4Home: quick and innovative

A cozy and private tree house is a childhood dream for most of the modern adults. Thanks to «Dome4Home», something that was difficult to implement a few decades ago is now very easy to create. The unique development of our engineers based on a round frame allows us to make the childhood dream come true within a couple of hours.

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Hanging house for children and adults

The sphere is made of light but reliable aluminum arcs covered with firm PVC-cloth. The construction is mounted on a tree with the help of high-strength climbing cables and can carry a load up to 1 ton. The tree house like this can become not only the play pit and observation post for a child but also a comfortable tourist tent or a camping house for an adult.

The inner diameter of the sphere is 3 meters which makes it quite spacious and comfortable. This is not just a «hut», but a real guest house which can also be used for summer pastime in nature’s lap.

The special mattress and folding furniture will transform the cocoon space into a comfortable cozy «apartment» that can comfortably accommodate up to 3 people at a time.Now you don’t have to build a tree house out of improvised materials to make your children happy! Our cocoon house will become a wonderful secret space both for kids, teenagers, and adults who want to chill or have a mini-party for two.

Structural features:

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble within a few hours with no special tools needed;
  • Reliable, durable, and safe to use;
  • Secures from any environmental factors;
  • Has high wind resistance and perfectly tolerates heavy snow loads;
  • Made of simple and affordable materials, can be easily transported and is perfect for camping;
  • Comfortable and spacious enough even for a long-term stay.

Basic price

  • Aluminum frame
  • PVC
  • Pins, screws, washers
  • Floor made of water-proof composite board

Additional services

  • Wooden Shelf
  • LED-lightning
  • Mattress

How to build a tree house?

Now it’s simple: you just need to call us and order a unique cocoon house. Our specialists will explain how to use the hanging cocoon and, if necessary, will install it in the country house, in the garden or wherever you need it to be. In addition to standard designs, we offer the unique projects of any complexity. You can show us a picture or a blueprint and we will build and install a cocoon house taking into account your financial expectations, personal preferences, and operational characteristics of the structure. All orders can be delivered by transport companies to other cities of Ukraine and abroad.

Call us or fill in the feedback form to learn the details and place an order.