Advantages and disadvantages of geodesicdome structures

Advantages and disadvantages of geodesicdome structures.

Geodesicdome structures — a new word in building. Dome structures appeared in the early 2000s in Japan, which is known for frequent earthquakes destroying usual houses.Then the geodesicdome were noticed by architects who were looking for original ideas for the construction of residential buildings. But what about the familiar churches? In churches and cathedrals, domes were used as decorative elements, as were huge doors, spires, and crosses. Taking a little bit of experience from everywhere, we put together our first in-house design for a dome building, which we erected for our director in 2008. While living in it, he noted the strengths and weaknesses of the structure and worked to improve the design so that future clients would get better geodesicdome homes. Strengths that were noticed by us and our satisfied customers.

Strengths of dome building

The greatest strength is the great economy of building materials. In housing, we are primarily interested in comfort, in particular, the living space and volume of the geodesicdome house. With the same area of spherical and square housing, to build a geodesicdome will need 30% less building materials. It is not necessary to use specialized materials, the usual battens for cladding, timber for the frame and a simple mixture for pouring the foundation.

Second strongest point — lightweight of structure. Metal and wood framwork is covering by batten and glass walls. Even dense and warm walls with heavy insulation will be lighter than traditional brick walls and heavy roofing. As a consequence, you do not need a strong foundation to build, windows can be installed in any place you want, and for building dome house no need to use heavy machinery, our team of builders with a set of specialized tools will cope with the geodesicdome construction.

The third strong point — is the savings during the operation of the built house. As we said, the wall area of a dome house is on average 20% less than the area of an identical «box». That means the dome home exchanges less heat, which saves you up to 30% of what you spend on home heating. Some customers have told us that by using quality wall insulation and the best windows available on the market, they have been able to achieve 50% savings on their utility bills. The lack of load-bearing walls that are connected to the outside world only helps keep the heat inside the dome house.

Fourth strongest point — design. Dome houses are not considered in the training of architects, they are not described in books and are not designed for term papers. This means that only a talented and experienced architect who understands the subject well and can penetrate into the peculiarities of dome house construction can work on a dome house. So, his project will be really beautiful and well thought out — a template project just will not stand. These are the kind of architects who work in our company.

A little bit about weaknesses

Weaknesses are as follows: non-standard windows and doors that are installed in frame dome houses, complicated calculations for construction. Building materials are designed for rectangular houses, not for domes consisting of triangles. But if you choose your materials wisely, you can use almost no waste. We have experience in selecting and cutting materials for domes, and we provide a claimed savings of 20% on materials. If you have other questions about the pros and cons of dome structures, leave a request for detailed answers.