The geodesic dome and its benefits

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Geodesic dome is not a tool of a geologist or geographer, it is a design for the house of the future. It is a house in the shape of a hemisphere which is made up of individual triangles. The triangles are assembled from a wooden beam with special connectors. After additional treatment and cladding of the walls on the outside, the dome becomes a great dwelling.

Inside the geodesic dome, there is simply tremendous space and volume. Compared to a square house of the same dimensions, the volume of air inside the dome is 30 % greater. In a spherical house, it is easier to breathe, the walls do not put pressure on the eyes and people feel good. In principle, a geodesic dome can be used for more than just housing. Depending on the doors and windows chosen, it can be converted into a workshop, a warehouse, a garage or any other building for the household. You may install windows and doors in any places in the dome, and to save as much as possible on the structure of the household purpose, instead of facing with corrugated boarding or panels, you can cover the dome with a special tent.

Positive aspects of a geodome

Why is a geodome a good idea? Because the spherical shape of the house has several big advantages and small disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that there is no mass-produced furniture to suit a house with round walls. Walls under which you can’t move a cupboard or hang a picture is one of the myths of domes. Most geodomes make vertical walls.

Further dome construction offers us only pluses. Benefits are already visible at the construction stage, because you have to spend 20% less building materials to build a dome than if you were to build a square house of similar volume. But note that almost all the materials on the market are designed to build standard rectangular houses, so you have to try harder to achieve these savings. You need experience in building geodesic domes, because ordinary building materials have to be cut into triangles. Therefore it is better to seek help from experts in the construction of dome houses.

The second advantage comes from the difference in area between a hemisphere and a conventional house at different volumes. If you build a geodesic dome and a cube with the same ground contact area, the volume of the dome will be 30% less than the volume of the box. In practice this means savings on heating costs of up to 50%. Why is the same savings not possible for a «box» with advanced thermal insulation materials? Because the larger the surface area, the greater the heat exchange between the interior air and the outside air.

The third advantage is the beautiful appearance. You will realise this when you see the pictures of our finished projects. If you have any questions and you are interested in a proposal for the geodesic structure — leave a request and we will answer you.