Wooden domed house projects

Wooden domed house designsIf we ask you to imagine your dream house, it’s 70% certain that your imagination will paint a plain square house in nice «trendy» colours. 20% will envision a more extravagant house with an unusual layout. And 10% would imagine a very unusual dwelling in which the principles of classical architecture are discarded — in the shape of a sphere, an inverted pyramid, hanging in the air, a three-storey narrow tower or something else. Of course, many such projects will be too expensive, inefficient or impossible to build at all, but technology is developing and getting cheaper. Architects, in turn, are busy looking for projects where the latest science can be applied.

Sturdy hemisphere construction

Fifty years ago the threat of the Cold War seriously affected American architects. Orders to build bomb shelters were flooding in, and many residents themselves started building protective structures in their own backyards. None were ever used for their intended purpose, but the architects were able to appreciate the merits of such structures. Inside, the bomb shelter consisted of cylindrical rooms and corridors, as the circular shape resists physical impact very well. Why not put this knowledge into practice?

As a result, the experience of building cylindrical houses in civil architecture was first used by the Japanese. Japan is in an active seismological zone, so a lot of attention is given to the design of a building.

in the design of a building is much concerned with its resistance to vibrations and earthquakes. After some experiments, Oriental architects decided to build the first dome houses and share the technology with the rest of the world. We saw significant perspectives in this technology and decided to develop it in our country, taking into account the needs and preferences of our fellow citizens. Our projects of wooden domes appeared in 2007, but the first building was completed in 2008.

Construction of wooden dome houses

A timber dome house is built using conventional frame house technology. The domed frame is quick to install on any terrain, and the low weight of the frame does not require a large, stable foundation. Because of this, wooden dome houses are built slightly faster than conventional brick ones, and dome construction can save up to 20% of building materials.

Dome house designs vary in variety. The simplest example is different diameter of spheres and their height. By adjusting these parameters you can get a sphere with a first floor inside, a small dome for work and leisure or a huge sphere that covers a greenhouse or a swimming pool. One dome is not enough? Let’s add a second. You can build it into the first, you can place it next door and connect them by a passage, you can build a house in the form of a low cylinder with a dome roof. We offer many interesting projects that are suitable for residential buildings, futuristic cafes and offices.

You can choose a project that suits your taste. And then you can choose the decorative elements: the interior of the house with wood panelling or other materials, and the exterior trim. For the exterior, we recommend using asphalt shingles, which shape well and make the whole dome watertight. If you would like to see the designs available, leave an enquiry and we will answer all your questions.