What is an eco-house?

What is an Eco House?Eco-concept homes are a modern fashion statement. Although the term is not clearly defined. It usually refers to modern architectural solutions created with minimal environmental impact and high performance.

These characteristics are fully reflected in domes, which are energy-efficient structures distinguished by their original appearance compared with classical architectural solutions.

Frame dome-type ecohouse

This structure consists of a part of the sphere, positioned with its base on the ground. At the heart of the construction is a stiff sectional frame, which is clad with finishing sheets from the inside and outside. Heat, moisture and vapour barrier as well as utility connections are placed in the space between the walls.

The dome structure is a true ecological house, because it replicates common solutions, such as a beehive, anthill or igloo, the abode of Eskimos. This concept is dictated by nature itself and the geometric properties of the sphere. The latter has a maximum volume with a minimum surface area, which is characterised by minimal heat loss. This means that a sphere house takes longer to cool down and heat up than a conventional building, and therefore costs 25-30% less to heat up and condition. It is a truly warm house.

Another reason to order and purchase (or build yourself) an ecological house in the form of a sphere is internal ergonomics. The entire load of the structure is distributed evenly over the frame of the structure, and therefore it does not need additional supporting elements — pillars, columns, walls and partitions. The internal space can be designed as desired, according to the wishes and preferences of the customer.

Spherical Eco House applications:

  • Housing for seasonal or permanent residence;
  • Summer or guest house on the plot;
  • Perch or pergola for relaxation;
  • Windows and gazebos;
  • A greenhouse, greenhouse or conservatory;
  • A multipurpose outbuilding;

Where to buy an eco-house?

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