Wedding marquees: types, options, how to order?

Wedding marquees types, options, how to book?Wedding celebrations in nature are a popular trend in recent years. It is especially true of events in the warmer seasons. A celebration in nature is an opportunity for the participants to relax and unwind in the fresh air, and for the main characters of the celebration to get beautiful pictures and videos..

How to choose a marquee for your wedding?

An indispensable prerequisite for a comfortable celebration in the lap of nature is a marquee. It protects from the scorching sun, flies, possible bad weather, allows you to zone your space, it becomes a kind of «banquet room» in the forest, field or on the banks of the river. And to make sure that your wedding under a marquee goes off without a hitch, it’s important that it’s roomy, comfortable, and secure enough.

But the classic marquee form is far from the only option today. Among the marquees, tent structures that can be rented, you should especially mention dome constructions (geodesic spheres). They are based on a frame made up of triangular cells connected with special connectors, a special type of fastening. The top frame is covered with PVC-fabric, the surface of which can be decorated with any pattern, decorations.

Large tent for weddings spherical shape will be the perfect solution to the problem of placing guests. Due to the geometric features, this design has a large capacity with a minimal footprint. Its installation does not require a perfectly flat area.

Benefits of choosing a marquee

Your marquee wedding will be even more original if you opt for a classic version rather than a trendy spherical frame structure. Despite their appearance, which may not only seem unusual but even impractical, such structures have a number of advantages.

Five reasons to choose a domed wedding marquee:

  1. Original appearance. Such a structure is sure to attract the attention of the guests of the celebration, becomes a great photozone.
  2. Easy to install. Temporary domed structures are easy to set up and take down after the party.
  3. Stability and reliability. The sphere has a minimum of sail compared with other figures of the same size, which allows to use such structures even in windy weather in an open space.
  4. Smallest surface area, so that even in the hottest day such a structure will be heated less than their classic counterparts.
  5. Affordable rental price. In terms of price dome tents for weddings are slightly different from the inexpensive classic canopies.

To form an opinion, get more information about the geodesic domes you can look at photos and reviews on the internet.

Where to hire a marquee for your wedding?

You can rent, buy ready-made products or order their production to individual sizes and parameters you can «Dome4Home». The company’s employees will also deliver and install the structures, which will greatly facilitate the task of organising an outdoor celebration.

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