Turnkey house: construction in 3 weeks

Turnkey houseIn ancient Greece, architects built everything from small cozy houses to entire cities. They decided where the building would stand and what it would look like, and on the building itself they were sure to emboss the name of the builder who designed it.

What does it mean to build a house on a turn-key basis

Turnkey construction means that builders take responsibility for everything. Architects create high-quality design documentation, designers draw sketches according to your wishes, engineers and builders look for energy-efficient and economical option house building of your dream. Our people draw up an estimate, buy the materials, our teams do all the preparatory work and do the actual construction and finishing of the house. When the house is finished, you can move in right away — everything is ready to live in it.

How are we different from other companies? We adhere to the principles of the architects of antiquity, take pride in every home built and rejoice with its owner. We don’t build a house «just to give it up», our workers put their heart and skill into it in every part of construction. We are responsible for every turnkey home built, so we are very attentive to each stage.

The first stage — design and engineering. You talk to the designers, describe your dream house, and they translate it into beautiful sketches and 3D models. Then the architects and designers take over the work, who arrange the rooms in the most convenient way, lay out communications and make various simplifications that do not affect the quality of the house and its appearance, but reduce the cost of materials.

The second stage — pouring the foundation. A solid foundation will ensure the reliability of your home. We calculate the depth of the foundation and its size depending on the type of house you choose. A brick house requires a large and strong foundation, able to support the weight of the structure. A log house needs only a small foundation that will keep the buildings from sagging and collapsing.

The third stage — erection of walls and roofing. Your turnkey house will quickly grow, and then get a reliable and durable roof. At this stage, workers lay utilities — pipes, chimneys, electrical wiring. Roofing work is carried out with great care, because a good roof ensures warmth and dryness in the house.

The final stage — finishing rooms and installing furniture. Of course, you can do it yourself, but we are ready to help with that as well. Any questions? Leave an application to be contacted by our manager.