The cost of building a house

The cost of building a house Building a house begins with the selection of the company that will do it. Of course, many men think that they can build a house from scratch on their own, but in most cases the construction ends with the pouring of the foundation. Self-construction requires good knowledge in the design, the ability to negotiate and bargain, great skills in construction and knowledge of all the nuances. That is why we recommend to use our services and get an unusual, but practical and reliable house in the form of a dome.

The price of building a house

Are you interested in how much it costs to build a house? First of all, it all depends on the technology of construction. A house made of brick and a frame house — these are different price categories and different experience in operating the houses. Brick houses are slowly becoming a thing of the past as modern technology allows you to build a frame house or a house of timber, which will last as long as a brick one, and living in it will be much more comfortable. In Europe and America, construction of bricks is used only when the customer requires to make the walls as strong as possible to protect them from hurricanes and other disasters. And we can offer a version with the same strength, but a little cheaper and more convenient.

What kind of house should you choose?

The cost of building a brick house can surprise you unpleasantly. A frame house has several advantages: it is cheaper, it retains heat better, it is quickly erected, and life in it feels different. Why did we decide to build the original dome houses instead of the standard «boxes»? Because it is even more profitable for the owner of such a house!

3 facts about building round houses

First of all , a hemispherical house has a smaller surface area than a parallelepipedic house. And the consequence is that for the construction of a dome house 30% less materials are used than for the construction of an ordinary house. In fact to save materials you need to have experience in building dome houses — we have it and we successfully help customers save on building materials. A dome house is lightweight and does not require a powerful foundation, the roof is one-piece construction and does not require a rafter system and additional roofing — a lot of advantages.

Secondly , the dome house is characterized by high energy efficiency. Since the surface area of a dome is smaller than that of a parallelepiped of similar volume by about 30%, the dome will lose less heat. With a smaller surface area, heat transfer is slower, which means the house cools more slowly in winter and heats up more slowly in summer. In addition, we use the most modern heat-saving materials, which allow our customers to save 50% of what they would otherwise pay for heating.

Thirdly , we do everything quickly, we are most often approached to build a house on a turnkey basis. The first thing is to pour a light foundation, which can reliably hold your future dome house. Then the frame is installed, it is clad with special panels and treated with sealants at the seams. In the house set the doors, windows, interior partitions (in the dome house there are no internal load-bearing walls), insulation of the floor, decorate the walls and that is all — you can live. The construction of the average house lasts 2-3 months and after its completion the client can immediately move in.

If you are interested in the possibility of building a dome house — send us a request and we will contact you and answer your questions.