Tents for cafe

Tents for cafe If you want to open your own business in food or trade, the first thing to think about is the space in which you will work. In the past, the most popular option was to rent space inside a shopping center or other similar building, but now the best way is to make individual tents for your business.

We make tents for cafes from prefabricated metal construction, which will then be covered with a European-made PVC membrane. Such structures have several great advantages over old-fashioned brick and concrete stores and catering facilities.

Advantages of metalwork

First, the metal structure is prefabricated. If one element breaks (it rarely happens during operation, but it does happen), it can simply be replaced. Skilled craftsman will do it fairly quickly and he will not have to chisel the walls and plaster. Any elements such as a canopy, additional lighting, etc. can also be quickly added to the structure.

Secondly, our prefabricated tents are cheap. The low cost of materials and installation will allow you to invest more money in business development (equipment, goods, etc.). Operation of our tent is also very cheap: there is no need to whitewash, paint, fight with mold and leaking roofs. We do everything to the best of our knowledge, and your tent will last for ten years without any interference.

Third, custom design. A simple design allows you to come up with unique designs. We are one of the first to start building domed pavilions for cafes . Agree, a dome shape immediately stands out among the boring square cafes and attracts visitors. And an unusual and beautiful appearance nowadays means a lot for profitable business development.

These advantages are very important for cafes that will operate in the same location all year round. But what if you need mobility? For example, installing a beach café or bar, installing a small store in a park, or expanding your café area for the tourist season? Our metal tents solve these problems.

Lightweight collapsible structure quickly enough to dismantle and can be installed in a new location. Its installation does not require a powerful foundation or careful preparation of the area for mounting the structure. Tent cafes with thin partitions that protect visitors from the sun and wind are also suitable for seasonal business. If you want to use the cafe all year round, we will make you a special inner tent to insulate the whole structure.

Geodesic dome tents for cafes — the key to success

If your cafe has an influx of visitors during the summer that have nowhere to accommodate them, then tents can solve your problem. We can make tents to the style of your cafe, decorate them beautifully and think of a way to connect the room and tents. The tent can then be easily disassembled by your own forces and send to the warehouse until next year.

If you are interested in using of such tents in the business — fill out the application form. A manager will contact you in a few minutes and answer all your questions.