Tents and pavilions for festivals and fairs

Marquees and pavilions for festivals and fairsDome marquees are an unusual form of frame structures for fairs, festivals, exhibitions and other events involving a large number of visitors. A dome tent has several advantages that can be used to attract customers, reduce costs and simply improve business and create a recognizable brand. After all, what better way to be remembered than with a large hemisphere with a striking design instead of a boring box tent?

So, you want to buy a festival pavilion. Our domed tents differs from the usual «square» structures. It is assembled in the same way — first, a strong frame made of metal pipes is set, then it is covered with strong PVC-film with applied branding. The film already has ready-made transparent windows and doors. All that remains is to connect the communication lines and decorate the pavilion from the inside. Assembly of the pavilion will take one day and a few people and the help of a crane.

How to make an event stand out?

The hemispherical marquee for festivals will stand out for its excellent stability and sturdy construction. Firstly, the dome is completely symmetrical, the wind will flow around it smoothly and won’t be able to knock it over or cause any other damage. Secondly, the dome frame is a structure that supports itself, so damage to part of the frame will not affect the condition of the entire dome in any way. This is especially important if you want to use the marquee for events, such as weddings. Thirdly, a smaller surface area than a square tent provides better noise insulation.

Where to use a marquee dome tent?

A pavilion for trade fairs in the form of a dome is well remembered and attracts visitors. You will immediately find a lot of people wanting to look into your marquee to buy something or just take a picture against the background of a large, unusual dome. Photographs of tourists and visitors are great free advertising for your business. We proved this by placing one domed event marquee in the Eurovision 2017 fanzone. Literally every day people flocked to our marquee to see and order something inside.

The dome-shaped fairground marquee is perfect for setting up a café or souvenir shop. This shape allows you to evenly distribute tables of visitors, decorate the interior originally and save money on the tent itself. As the surface area of a sphere is smaller than that of a similarly sized «cube», it requires about 30% less material to build. We have learnt to use this advantage and work with a European manufacturer who makes membranes specifically for our spherical structures. So when you buy a dome pavilion for events be sure — you will get maximum recognition at the fair or event, as you will definitely be remembered and come to see you.

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