Modular Houses, module house, prices for modular homes

Nowadays, in the real estate market one can more and more often encounter offers to buy and sell modular buildings. While for our market, such proposals are relatively new, for the western real estate markets, the concept of «modular house», «modular houses» are well known and popular. The very name «modular» says that such a structure is made of modules or prefabricated units.

Advantages of modular buildings

Short manufacturing time

The time of production of modular structures is short, and can be from several days to several weeks, depending on the design and complexity of the structure. At the workshop assembly can achieve the minimum production time due to the concentration of forces and the capacity of the production. Finished building can be installed on the pre-prepared foundation for only a few hours. Saving time is a significant advantage in comparison with other types of construction.

Environmental friendliness and energy efficiency

In the manufacture of module buildings is possible to use completely environmentally friendly materials (wood, mineral wool for insulation, etc.). These materials are safe for health, meet the necessary standards of environmental friendliness, and are also characterized by energy efficiency. For example, if you insulate the walls of modular structures with mineral basalt wool, it will ensure: low thermal conductivity, incombustibility, noise insulation, as well as reduce the cost of heating such structures in the cold season.


Modular buildings and structures can be transported practically anywhere. Cable car can deliver ready-made structure from the manufacturing plant directly to the customer site, and then by means of a crane the structure can be easily mounted on the foundation and then connect all the necessary communications. If the need arises, the structure can be easily moved or simply transported to another place. Due to the robustness of the frame, such transport can be carried out a lot of times.

Price advantage

Due to the availability of building materials, as well as a significant reduction of various resources required for the construction, modular houses and buildings win in price, and it is also their real advantage. Thanks to the diversity of projects, you can meet different needs and capabilities of potential buyers. You can plan and design a single-tower one-module building, as well as multi-module buildings of several floors.

Construction without construction waste

Everyone knows that conventional construction is associated with a lot of preparatory, construction works, as well as the presence of building materials, saw and noise. All reduced to a minimum in the case of modular-frame construction. At the same time you do not need to be to solve the problem of transportation and disposal of building waste. The less the problems, the better — with this all be agreed!

So, if you want to buy a house, if you need a building for the business — think about the option of module buildings. Take advantage of modular construction, and already in the shortest time you can implement your dream, getting a ready-made house of good quality at an affordable price!

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