“Orel” dome house — cheap and fast to build

The “Orel” house by «Dome4Home» is designed for 3-4 people accommodation and is not less comfortable than a regular brick house. The turnkey installation of the building — from the production stage to the finishing works — takes no more than 2 months, which makes it an excellent alternative to a country cottage made of bricks, beams or foam concrete.

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Special features of the project

The construction is based on a spherical polygonal frame made of a wooden beam. For exterior and interior decoration, lightweight building materials of your choice are used so that you can create the unique style and design even in a standard project. Utility lines are located inside the walls. The interior space with no support beams and bearing walls can be planned individually.

Advantages of the «Orel» dome house:

  • Original appearance and unique design;
  • Simplicity and high speed of manufacturing and installation;
  • Strength, reliability, and safety;
  • Low operating costs;
  • Affordable price.

The sphere as a geometric figure is unique as it provides the maximum capacity with the minimum floor space. Due to this fact, the dome house is cheap, highly resistant to wind and snow loads, has low heat loss. If you are dreaming of a warm and comfortable country house at an affordable price, «Orel» by «Dome4Home» is your best choice!

“Orel” specifications:

The dome house is a turnkey project ready for living right after the handover. The unique features of the construction allow you to solve the problem of moving in the shortest time possible as the house set includes everything necessary for comfortable family living:

  • Strip or post foundation with reinforcement and insulation that is enough for a light frame structure;
  • A strong dome structure that can carry heavy loads;
  • Vapor barrier;
  • Wall kit, roofing, and insulation;
  • A complete set of utility and communication systems (drain, water supply, electricity);
  • External porch and/or terrace, doors, and plastic windows;
  • Stairs and interior partitions.

All the necessary materials and works are included in the project cost. The modernization of the construction and the documentation changes are paid separately. To learn the details and order the dome house please call us or fill in the application form so we can contact you back.

| Total — 70.00sq.m | Residential — 44.06sq.m | Terrace — 7.45sq.m |

The price includes the following materials and works:


・Manufacturing of insulated and reinforced strip foundation 400 x 600 mm;
・Manufacturing of rough screed;
・Manufacturing of a wall set of external walls and internal partitions.

Wall Set

The outer vertical wall consists of:
・Bearing pine framework, coated with the biological flame retardant «Tamak»;
・Blockhouse, covered with the «Rolaks» glaze outside;
・Insulation 200 mm (mineral wool);
・Vapor barrier;
・OSB 10 mm from the inside.


The dome roof consists of:
・Bearing pine framework, coated with the biological flame retardant «Tamak»;
・OSB 12 mm;
・Shinglas shingles (outside);
・Insulation 200 mm (mineral wool);
・Vapor barrier;
・OSB 10 from the inside.

Entrance door

・Metal door with lock (2 pcs.)


・Stairs and fencing of the 2nd floor;
・One-span staircase (pine);
・Balusters, railing (pine).

Plastic steel windows:

・Kitchen — 1, bathroom — 1, bedroom — 2.
・Living room — 2 on the 1st floor and 2 on the 2nd floor;
・All opening lights are equipped with mosquito nets.


・Decking made of wood and plastic composite, balusters, railing (pine).

Utility systems:

・Flush water supply system;
・Flush drain system.


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