Dome houses in Europe

Dome house is a modern practical solution for those who dream of their own country house but doesn’t want to buy a classic cottage. Frame dome constructions made by «Dome4Home» look great and have a lot of advantages that make them an excellent alternative to building a regular house of brick or timber.

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What is a geodesic sphere?

This type of architectural construction was invented in the middle of the last century by the American engineer Benjamin Fuller. The frame structure is made of triangular polygons connected by special fasteners. Elements of the frame can be made of strong yet lightweight materials such as metal, timber, thermally modified wood, reinforced wood. Thus, a house has small weight but high strength.

The frame is covered with facade materials, and the interior decor can be made according to the customer’s preferences. The interior space is filled with the thermal insulation and utility lines. The round house makes it possible to install the floor-to-ceiling windows.

But the main advantage of the geodesic dome is the speed of erection. The whole construction process from calculations to the on-site installation takes no more than 6 months. This period can be shortened to 2 months if you buy a standard project.

Turnkey construction of dome houses

Construction of a dome house is quite easy with a bit of experience. Unlike standard constructions — a «brick box» that takes several years to build, the dome house is simple and convenient to install due to a combination of lightness and strength. Spherical frame construction can be erected without a complex foundation on soils where construction of regular houses is impossible.

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Another important advantage of the dome house is the high ergonomics of the interior space. The absence of internal columns, supporting structures, and bearing walls allows implementing any house layout. If the size of the sphere is large enough, you can even build a two- and three-story house.

Dome house is not only simple and cheap to manufacture but is also cheap to operate. The unique property of the sphere is that it provides the maximum capacity with a minimum surface area, there are no right angles of the walls and no vertical flows as a result. Thus, much less energy is spent on heating and cooling, which is especially important for the summer and winter periods.

Advantages of the geodesic sphere:

  • Easy to install;
  • High performance;
  • Ergonomics of interior space;
  • Resistant to wind and snow loads;
  • Strength, reliability, and durability;
  • The affordable price for production and installation.

Where can I buy a dome house?

To order a standard dome house or a custom-made design, fill in the contact form or call us. Our branches are located in Dnipro and Kiev. Dome houses can also be delivered to other Ukrainian cities or abroad in any convenient way.