Modern canadian wood house “Desna” by Dome4Home

“Desna” canadian houses were developed by the Dome4Home specialists with the use of the modern wood-framed technologies. The house is characterized by low operating costs due to low heat losses. Manufacture and erection of “Desna” house take no more than 3-4 weeks. Within a short period of time, you can get a functional residential building that is both comfortable and reliable.

Cottage houses — standard and custom-made designs


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«Dome4Home» offers a large selection of standard cottage house designs. You can choose a house in accordance with your preferences and financial expectations. Thanks to the frame structure, Canadian wood house “Desna” has a small weight that allows it to be installed on a stripe or post foundation. It’s characterized by a low cost and does not require any long-term preparatory works. Such house can be installed on difficult soils and grounds where the regular houses can’t be installed.

Advantages of Canadian house “Desna”:

  • Quick manufacturing and installation;
  • Light weight;
  • Can be installed on any soil;
  • Ergonomics and comfort of operation;
  • Low costs of heating and air conditioning;
  • Unique appearance;
  • Low cost of production and installation.

“Desna” house isn’t made to impress your neighbors. Its main purpose is to provide the most comfortable conditions for family living.

Canadian house kits “Desna” specifications:

The important advantage of “Desna” house is that you can move in right after the construction works are over. The construction cost includes everything necessary for comfortable living:

  • Foundation and site preparation;
  • Manufacturing and assembly of the frame in accordance with the approved project;
  • Vapor barrier and heat insulation materials and their installation;
  • Facing and interior decoration;
  • Metal door with a lock and plastic steel windows with ventilation panes and transoms;
  • Engineering and technical communications;
  • Internal partitions.

The house can be delivered to any country. If you have any questions or want to order the “Desna” house, please contact us or fill in the application form and we will call you back soon.


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