Canadian house, canadian house kits, canadian housing price, canadian tiny house, canadian house prices, canadian style houses, canadian wood house, canadian wooden house kits, canadian houses to buy House kits for self-assembly of houses and cottages have recently become more widespread. This is due to their affordable cost, simplicity and ease of installation.Building budget even a modest house of brick is quite impressive, and the time of construction of such a building stretches for years.

Canadian homes

The houses on the Canadian technology is a special kind of houses, in the basis of which the walls and ceilings are made of CIP-panels. Many people mistakenly call such houses frame, but this is not true. It is more correct to use the term «panelized» with respect to this type of construction. After all, the house is essentially built of panels, and the beam is used only for connecting elements (strapping), which give the structure additional rigidity and strength.

What is good about such a construction? And why do they use CIP panels? The main advantage of Canadian houses is their high energy efficiency. That is, significantly less heat is spent on heating the room due to the reduced heat loss and all thanks to the unique material — SIP-panels. They are a multi-layer panel, where the boards of laminated fibreboard, chipboard or plasterboard are connected by a layer of insulation.

The cost of the canadian wooden house kits

Prices for complete house sets vary quite widely. This is due to the type, layout and configuration of the structure. For example, a simplified accessory house kit is suitable for building a seasonal country house, and the improved house kit — a full cottage for year-round residence, respectively, with a higher price. To find out the exact cost and to order such a kit, please contact our consultants.

Example of the finished project — Desna