Construction of geodesic dome structures and houses

Geodesic dome structures are becoming more and more popular every day. Today, those are not just exotic houses or advertising installations but the full-fledged utility buildings — dome tents, greenhouses, residential buildings. Geodesic dome construction is an excellent option for a country house. Thanks to the new technologies and the «Dome4Home» offers, a full range of construction works can be completed within 2 months which is absolutely impossible if you are building classic cottages and houses made of bricks, timber and foam concrete.

Our services


geotents«Dome4Home» offers a wide range of dome structures including standard projects and individual designs. Our specialists will perform the full range of works from blueprint to maintenance of the building. Construction of the geodesic dome buildings on a turnkey basis will make it possible to build residential, industrial, economic and household structures for any purpose in a short time and at minimal cost.

The proposed designs can be used as:

  • Residential country house — one-story or two-story;
  • Trade, exhibition or fair pavilion;
  • Greenhouses;
  • Wedding tents;
  • Administrative or residential building;
  • Advertising construction.

We offer the turnkey construction services that involve not only the manufacturing of the frame structure but also its installation, external and internal decoration, wiring and connection of communication systems.

Standard designs of the geodesic dome houses

Our engineers have developed two standard designs of the residential houses that can easily be changed to any size and layout. The possible options are presented in the pictures below.

dome houses

• Orel. 70 m2 dome house designed for the comfortable residence of 3-4 people. The spacious interior space of the building can be arranged in any way depending on your preferences. Read more…


canadian house

• Desna. Geodesic dome house for a couple or a small family. It is distinguished by its low cost, original design, and modern comfort level. This house will become a cost-effective alternative to the regular cottage or a city apartment. Read more…



You can order the geodesic dome house on the basis of these two projects or we can design it from scratch according to your individual requirements and terms of reference.

Design and construction services

Our geodesic dome structures have the perfect quality due to the accurate calculations, strict adherence to technologies and usage of the high-quality materials. The house will last for years and will never disappoint you.

Construction procedure:

  • Project development in accordance with the customer terms of reference. Our specialists will take into account all the nuances of use, specific design features, floor area, building dimensions and expected cost;
  • Calculation and manufacture of the frame in accordance with the approved and project;
  • Preparation of construction and decoration supplies;
  • Delivery to the assembly site and installation. Our branches are located in Dnipro and Kiev. Dome structures can be delivered to other Ukrainian cities or abroad in any convenient way;
  • Predevelopment. The lightweight spread footing is used. The temporary buildings can be constructed with no footing at all;
  • Frame mounting in accordance with the project;
  • Paneling and facade decoration;
  • Wiring and utility tie-in;
  • Interior decoration and building fit-out.

Depending on the project complexity and operating feature, the geodesic dome structure construction takes from several weeks to several months. In the end, you’ll get the ready-to-use, durable, reliable and comfortable building that meets all the requirements.

Advantages of Geodesic dome structures:

  • Flexibility and utility;
  • Multifold design possibilities for specific tasks;
  • High performance;
  • Low heat losses and small heating expenses;
  • Delivery to any Ukrainian city or abroad;
  • Low construction and installation costs.

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