Roundhouse as an anti-crisis proposal

Roundhouse as an anti-crisis proposal The crisis has arrived, housing values are slowly decreasing from year to year. Citizens’ incomes are falling, respectively, demand for houses and apartments is falling, sellers are forced to reduce prices in order to interest potential buyers and sell real estate. On the other hand, the cost of building materials is rising as manufacturers try to keep profits down by raising the prices of their products. These two processes have led to our current situation — people are looking for ways to build a house with minimal use of building materials.

Economy on the construction of the dome

The best way out was frame house construction. Instead of building thick brick walls, workers install a strong frame, which is clad with a layer of special panels. Sandwich panels are filled with insulation inside, which is simply necessary in a house that is built in our climate zone. Frame houses have several other advantages: the economy on construction materials, a variety of house projects, quick construction compared to a brick house of the same area. A frame house is much more environmentally friendly, because frame construction uses wood, not radioactive concrete.

We started building frame houses in 2006. Only instead of the usual European-style houses or futuristic architectural ensembles, we decided to build a new interesting design — in the form of hemispheres. A domed house is positioned as an anti-crisis offer, and now we will explain why.

First, the prices of building materials force customers to save on materials. There are two ways out — either buy cheaper cement and hope that the walls will not fall down, or reconsider the project and give up a few square meters of living space. When building a dome house you do not have to reduce the area or look for cheap building materials — if you compare two houses of identical area (conventional and dome house), 20% less building materials are used in dome construction.

Secondly, the dome architecture implies greater savings on utilities. The spherical shape allows for efficient air circulation within the room, and due to the smaller wall area, better insulation is achieved than in a similar «square» house. Our clients report up to 60% savings on home heating costs. Using sandwich panels with the right insulation also has a good effect on the thermal insulation of the house.

Advantages of domed houses

There are untested myths about thermal insulation, such as that thin walls with insulation constantly freeze. In frame construction of a dome house we use only high quality insulation — basalt or mineral wool. This allows you to avoid rodents in the walls, which is often found in homes with cheap insulation such as Styrofoam or perlite.

There is also a myth that frame houses are very flimsy and fold from any sneeze in their direction, not to mention hurricanes and tornadoes. The construction of dome frame houses is notable for its strength and even pressure distribution. For example, the dome erected by us can withstand pressure up to 700 kg/m2. According to SNIP, the roof is considered strong if it can withstand a pressure of more than 200 kg/m2. Also, the dome construction resists any wind well, regardless of its direction. If you are interested in dome construction capabilities , leave a request on the website — we will answer all your questions.