How much does it cost to build a geodesic dome house?

Every year popularity of geodesic structures rapidly gaining. Prefabricated geodesic tents have distinct advantages over monolithic buildings in terms of mobility, practicality, appearance. That is why they are increasingly being chosen to create temporary and long-term structures.

Geokupol is a construction of the hemispherical shape, which is collected from metal profiles or wooden beams. Outside the frame is covered with tent cover, and inside — is equipped with furniture and appliances, as well as decorated to create a cozy atmosphere. The geodesic construction is assembled within 1-2 days, which allows you to quickly prepare the room for the holiday or the opening of the original institution.

How much does a geodesic structure cost? Let’s consider the main pricing parameters of geodesic dome prices.

7 factors affecting the geo-dome cost

Geodesic dome homes prices depends on the following factors:
Type of construction. Above we have already mentioned that spherical structures are assembled from steel pipes or wooden beams. Accordingly, they come in two types: FDM (metal) and FDS (wood). The cost of tents FDS-type is 10-20% higher than FDM, which is associated with increased time and labor costs for their production.

Configuration. The basic version of the dome tent — a geometrically regular hemisphere. However it can be pulled up or flattened to the base, the roof can be displaced relative to the center, equipped with a unique number of inputs and windows. The more the customer departs from the standards, the higher the cost of making the necessary construction.

Dimensions. The diameter of the base of the geo-dome determines the capacity of the structure. And the larger is the area of the occupied surface, the wider and higher is the tent-shutter. Accordingly, for its assembly requires many times more components than the installation of compact construction. In addition, you have to use special equipment — truck hoist. Also increases the time and labor costs. Therefore the cost of geodesic domes increases in proportion to their size.

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Additional options. A frame made of profiles or beams is just a skeleton wrapped in a shell. To make it suitable for receiving guests, it is necessary to lay a wooden deck, place furniture, install sound, light, climate control equipment. The dome tent cover can be branded by large-format printing to enhance the effect of the structure. Each of these options costs money and increases the overall estimate.

Regionality of delivery. After approval of the design and estimate documentation, the contractor manufactures the components and brings them to the destination to perform the installation. The farther away the parts and personnel need to be transported, the higher the transportation costs. It is clear that the contractor necessarily includes them in the total cost of the geodome.

Service maintenance. Customer may need to replace the shell with a new one (with current advertising information), remove the structure after the event or modify it. If such options are planned initially, they are included in the total cost.

To know the price of geodesic dome, first you need to decide on its technical parameters and a set of additional options.