Photo of round houses: completed projects

Photo of round houses: completed projects If you have a desire to build a round house, then we can say for sure that you are a very creative person and turned to the same kind of people! Dome4home Company more than 8 years is engaged in the construction of round and dome houses in Dnipro and Ukraine. To each client we have an individual approach, because we understand that we build not just houses, cottages or summer houses, but we create unique houses, for people, who want to stand out and not be like everyone else. Spherical house — is known in architecture since ancient times, but recently this form was somehow forgotten. We have been specializing in the construction of round and domed houses since 2008. We know everything about these geodesic buildings!

Stages of building a roundhouse

If you want to order a turnkey round house from us, everything is very simple. Work with us will be divided into five stages, after which you can move into your own comfortable home.

  • Request on the website
  • Brief
  • Dome Home Design
  • Geodesic Building
  • Project handover, settlement

You won’t believe it, but from 1 to 5 items can take only 3 to 6 weeks of work, it all depends only on the complexity and your desires. So if you have definitely decided that spherical house — this is what you need, leave a request and we will contact you!
Below you can see photos of roundhouse projects from all over the world.

Photos from internet