Standard designs of geodesic dome houses and constructions:

Our designers team will happily implement your ideas from the development of a draft design and complete working documentation to the manufacturing control. We can perform the construction works on a turnkey basis all over Ukraine and abroad.

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Our projects

IMG 3309

A small arbor for a customer from the Crimea. You can order this or similar construction and assemble it by yourself.

IMG 2898
IMG 2900
IMG 2912

Residential house on the lake shore in Kiev region. Manufacturing and installation work took 1 month only.

IMG 2419
IMG 2404
IMG 2499
IMG 2406

Residential house on the lake shore in Kiev region. Manufacturing and installation work took 1 month only.


Residential house with a diameter of 12 meters, 4th frequency. The house is located in Sumy region. The customer ordered a house kit and erected the house himself according to our instructions.

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28 01 2011

The house of our technical director, who is a big fan of geodesic structures. The house is located in Dnepropetrovsk region and can be visited.

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16 07 10 02
18 06 10 04
IMG 1201

Initially, the construction had to be a sauna, but it turned out so well that the customer decided to live in it. The base of the house is an ellipse in the 4th frequency. The main peculiarity of an ellipse is that all the stands are of different sizes. It took only two months to create the project. The roof made of reeds concealed the view of the geodesic dome, but inside it still looks like one.

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evrovideniju 2017 v kieve otkrylas glavnaja fan zona fotoreportazh rect 7f38f90668ffda988b0e7d50a587af02

Geodesic dome tent 10 meters in diameter, 4 frequency. Eurovision

The geodesic tent was made within three weeks and the installation took 5 hours only. To attract tourists to the tent, three entrances were created. The geodesic dome tent was used as the fan zone of Kharkov. The customer hung up TV sets and photos of children’s patriotic drawings to tell tourists about the culture of the city. Now the tent is installed at Kharkiv mass events.

IMG 3375
IMG 3437
IMG 3453
IMG 3625
IMG 3626

Another geodesic domed house in the Dnipro region with a diameter of 8 meters in the 3rd frequency. It turned out a small and cozy house with an extension. Construction and manufacturing took 6 weeks.