Multifunctional dome home constructions

Multifunctional dome home construction, geodesic dome house construction Dome home constructions can be used in a large number of cases. The first geodesic dome house kits were started to be built by Eskimos in Canada. Their igloo houses are an excellent example of dome architecture, as they are built using a minimum of building materials, or rather, only snow and ice. It would seem that inside such a dome house should be very cold, but the igloo is warm enough, and some ethnographers have noted that Eskimos sometimes walk inside their «house» naked. What conclusion can be drawn from this fact? Geodome houses retain heat well and require a minimum of materials to build it.

Construction of domed greenhouses

This feature can be used in the construction of domed greenhouses. While a standard glass greenhouse usually looks like a rectangle with a roof with a small angle, a domed greenhouse has the appearance of a ball made up of polygons. What are the advantages of such a design? The large height in the center of the geodesic greenhouse allows you to grow not only low vegetables and walk without ducking your head, but also to build a dome greenhouse over a tall exotic tree. But a regular geodesic greenhouse can be tall enough, too! That’s right, if your goal is to cover an orchard with glass, a rectangular structure would be advantageous. But building a geodesic dome will cost about 30% less than building a cube of the same height.

Glass is a fragile material and is often damaged during greenhouse operation. Hail, birds, frequent heating and cooling, and a snow cap all usually end up with a broken glass segment that must be replaced. Glass in the shape of a pentagon or hexagon has more points of support, and therefore better resists physical impact in the form of impact or pressure. The frame of a geodesic greenhouse exhibits similar properties.Geodesic structure can withstand up to 700 kg per square meter, while a similar «square» structure — 200-300 kg per square meter.

Geodesic house for rest

Dome home structure can also be used as an interesting summer house or gazebo. Imagine how well you can see the night sky or a bright sunset through a weightless glass dome. And such a gazebo will be able to protect you from wind and rain, not just from the sun. For protection from the sun you can use tinted glass or a small tent inside the geodome. If you put a couple of beds inside, you can arrange a small recreation base in the cabin. During the day in the bright sun you can work or read. A more «traditional» design implies the construction of wood or special curved plates, between which the windows will be installed. And in order to emphasize the originality of housing, windows can be installed directly on top of the geodome.

Our multifunctional dome home construction are characterized by lightweight construction, which does not require a strong foundation. Also, the dome is quickly built without the use of heavy machinery — to build it, you only need to deliver materials, clear the area and start installing the frame. Finished frame can be covered with wooden linings, it can be covered with glass, close with special bricks and additionally cover with protective coating, such as asphalt shingles. And also a beautiful geodome perfectly resists the wind, as the geodome — the most optimal form of in terms of aerodynamics.

And the main advantage for those who are tired of the usual «boxes» — we have been building dome house since 2008 and can say that your round house will be the most original building in the area. Have more questions? Email us and we’ll share all of our experience and knowledge with you.