Modular dome tent

Modular domed tent Modular structures are increasingly used in construction and business. Especially in business: doing business today needs some mobility, because conditions change frequently, as do the tastes of your target audience and the benefits in your chosen location. Renting a huge space in a big shopping centre is no longer a guarantee of success. People trust a high-end cafe on the top floor of a skyscraper as much as they trust a small modern restaurant in a modular building.

Modular dome tent for a successful business

Modular Dome Tent is a logical development of the idea of economical building, in which you can organise a shop, a cafe, an exhibition or other event. First we will tell you about the advantages of modular construction with a metal frame, and then about how we chose dome modules as our main focus.

Saving on floor space

For the owner of a small business, ordering a dome tent is the smartest decision. Firstly, he does not need to pay huge rents, to adjust to the mode of the shopping centre and the conditions put forward by the landlord. Secondly, he can be creative in creating a retail tent rather than simply putting his sign in front of the room. Thirdly, a commercial tent can be quickly assembled, dismantled, moved to another location, modified and expanded. The business owner can use these advantages to make a profit.

Sale of a dome tent is a rare occurrence in Ukraine, but we are gradually increasing the number of sales. We have carefully studied the existing offers on the market, the technology of construction of residential buildings and metal structures and realized that domes have several advantages. The main advantage is the unusual appearance. The first domed tent confirmed our guess: people are impressed by the unusual shape of the building and go inside to see how it is constructed. This effect alone eclipses the work of the marketing team who have to lure customers into your tent.

The second advantage is fairly quick installation, if the team is experienced in installing such structures. The frame of the dome is assembled from strong steel. The geodesic dome is a self-supporting construction, which means that the frame can withstand any loads. From the top it is covered by a durable tent made of a European manufactured PVC membrane inside it is clad with a material of your choice. During cladding, wiring is laid and the modular dome tent is ready. In fact, it takes 3-5 weeks.

If you don’t have enough capacity and space for one dome, they can be combined. A closed passageway can be installed between two domes, several domes can be «joined» to each other or other ways can be used to connect the structure.

If you are interested in modular domes, fill in the application form and wait a few minutes for a call from a manager.