Mobile retail tents

Mobile retail tentsThe easiest way to start a business is in trade or catering. All you have to do is find an area on which to locate your business. But it is not so easy, because it is only necessary to take a calculator in your hand, and the rent of premises in popular shopping centers will eat up your profits. Renting in cheap buildings will not bring any income. We offer a way out in the form of building a simple and reliable trade tent.

Trade dome tents

Construction of trade dome tents — is not the easiest thing to do, but we have mastered it to perfection. How to build a tent faster and cheaper? Contact us! We will discuss with you the details of the business you are planning to do, decide what materials and design solutions will suit you and get to work. By the way, we actively order domed tents, as they are unusual, attractive to customers and have a number of other advantages. Let’s consider all the stages of creating such a tent.

Construction of the dome, Step-by-step

First of all, we start developing a design project. Even such a simple design as a tent should attract visitors, so our designers try to create the most appropriate layout and appearance. Dome Tents are well suited for cafes and bars. Allowing customers to sit near the wall and watch the street.

After you confirm the design, we make a complete design and start making all the materials you need for construction, preparing tools and workers. The sale of trade tents rarely includes the actual sale of finished metal structures, because they still need to be brought to the site and assembled.Next, we arrive at the site and begin assembling the pavilion. First, a metal frame is installed, which is covered with PVC membrane with branding and transparent areas-windows.

What does «mobile» mean? Our tent — is a prefabricated structure made of metal, on which a special PVC-membrane tent is attached. Unlike a brick house, our mobile shopping dome geo tents are not tied to the foundation. The tent can be quickly dismantled, transported to another place and reassembled. So your business can react flexibly to any changes. Understand that you have not chosen the best place for trade? Move your geo tent to a new location! With features like these, your business will always make maximum profit.

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