Dome events tents: types, advantages. How to produce?

Manufacturing of dome tentsWant to start your business? The most profitable businesses are trade and catering. These types of business are also some of the easiest and at the same time the best to develop. After all, if there is demand and a budget, you can easily add new dishes and drinks to the menu, remove unpopular and provide new services to customers. All you need — room.

Until 10 years ago, it was common to rent premises for cafes in large shopping centres or other buildings that were in crowded locations. But tradition is tradition, profit is more important. That is why many owners of fast-food restaurants and cafés are expanding their business with the help of event tents. And we help them and offer the construction of event tents for every need.

About events tents

An event tent is a metal frame covered with a durable PVC membrane with branding. The advantage of the geotent is that its construction is very cheap compared to the construction of a brick restaurant or rental space.

Production of event dome tents consist of: we discuss with you the use of the tent, we make several design projects (or you choose a ready-made one), we agree the terms and budget and start the work. If you want to get a really original product and attract customers with just one view of your cafe — we advise you to look at the photos of popular event dome tents.

Dome event tents are created using the same technology as conventional ones. We manufacture prefabricated metal construction and produce an awning. At the place of assembly, specialists mount the frame, cover with PVC membrane and firmly fasten it. As the windows we use a transparent membrane. After that we install the doors.

If you plan to use the Dome event tents all year round, we will make you quality insulation with special insulation and decorative material. Also during installation we can use special OSB board with waterproofing properties for the floor. But if you want to make the tent more resistant and you are not going to move it from place to place, you can think about a better floor finish.

If you are interested in dome event tents ? Leave your contacts and we will contact you.