Made-to-order trade tents

Made-to-order trade tents Trade tents have become the best invention for the development of trade and services in Ukraine over the past 20 years. Instead of paying huge money for renting premises in a large building, it is more profitable to buy or build a geodesic tent at your desired location in the city. Firstly, it is cheaper, and secondly, it allows you to place a store or a cafe together with the greatest flow of people. Thirdly, the owner can show his imagination and get a tent with an interesting and attractive shape, for example, in the form of a hemisphere.

You can buy a commercial tent in Dnipro or order its production from scratch in Dome4home.In addition to the actual construction, we create unique designs, we think through a collapsible design and install tents in the right place for you. In the shortest time you get a ready-made outdoor store, a mini-cafe or a tent for other activities, which will attract visitors due to the original shape — a dome.

The features of our tents

We produce prefabricated metal structures, the installation of which takes a minimum of time and money. Construction of commercial tents is carried out by a proven and mastered in perfection technology — frame metal construction with bolted connections, which will later be sheathed with PVC membrane of European production. Such tents are distinguished by lightweight construction, immunity to weather conditions, unpretentiousness to operating conditions and low price compared with «full» buildings made of brick.

We make tents from these components:

  • Powder-coated steel or aluminum pipes
  • Wooden beam floor and OSB board for waterproofing
  • Quality PVC membrane of European production of any color and with branding. Windows are transparent sections of the membrane.
  • Metal or metal-plastic doors, or removable PVC membrane doors
  • Branding and decorating the tent is made before its installation by painting a PVC membrane.

We accompany our custom-made commercial tents from start to finish. Together with the customer, we find out what purposes the tent will be used for and what requirements it must meet. Then we visit the site of the future location of the tent in order to assess the complexity of installation and other factors necessary for installation of the dome temt. Then we design the tent, make its 3D model, produce all the necessary details, deliver it to the site, assemble and wrap it in a membrane.

If you only want to order a tent and assemble it yourself, we provide detailed instructions describing each stage of assembly. We also offer a «super assembly» — a detailed assembly course for the crew that will later install your tent. You will have to take care of the availability of a small crane to speed up and facilitate the installation of the dome. A team of 5 people with the help of a crane will install the tent in about 6 hours.

If you are interested in building dome pavilions for trade — leave an application and a manager will contact you later.