How to build a house DIY

How to build a house DIY If you believe the old proverb, among other things, every man should build a house with his own hands. Is it possible to do it without construction experience? Quite, if you take advantage of the proposal of the company «Dome4Home» and buy a ready-made set of dome houses.


A frame house by DIY

Sphere or domed house is a modern architectural solution with high performance and aesthetic characteristics. Externally, such a structure is a part of a sphere or a dome — a rather unusual house. The basis of the structure is a metal or wooden frame, consisting of elements in the form of equilateral triangles.

The frame is lined with sheet materials — CIP-panels, siding, fiberboard, particle board or gypsum board. Inside the walls there are engineering and communication systems, ventilation, insulation, vapor and moisture insulation. Spherical construction is quite strong and stable, and therefore it has no internal load-bearing structures. That is, the living space can be organized according to the customer’s discretion.

Another important advantage of such a construction is high resistance to snow and wind loads. Private dome house with their own hands — an excellent option for permanent suburban housing. It is worth noting and operational characteristics of the structure. Spherical buildings have minimal heat losses, which allows significant savings on space heating in winter.

«Dome4Home» — building a house with our own hands

Dome4Home has been in the design and construction business for many years. Thanks to our unique developments, everyone has the opportunity to build a dome house DIY. You only need to order one of the standard kits, developed by the engineers of the company.

Unique kits have everything you need to create a comfortable living space:

  • The frame structure that serves as the base of the building;
  • Materials for facade and interior cladding;
  • Interior elements to furnish the room — stairs, windows, flooring, etc;
  • Fasteners and consumables;
  • Manual.

If you have any difficulties with the self-assembly of the construction, you can find a video on the Internet or ask for help from the installers of the company «Dome4Home«, who will perform all the necessary preparatory work and equip the room.

Custom frame houses

If you want a truly original design — for example, to add a porch to the house or change the shape of the roof, just make a custom order. You can literally create a design for your home with your own hands by providing our specialists with a drawing or sketch. Based on this, Dome4Home engineers will calculate the project and make complete elements for the construction.

All products can be delivered to Europe by mail or transport companies.