House kit of CIP panels

House kit of CIP panels House kit of CIP panels – a set of necessary building materials and structural elements, designed for the independent installation of a residential house or a country cottage. Using such a kit you can relatively quickly and inexpensively build a cozy panel house on the basis of a timber frame. House kits and their typical layouts can be very different from economy class to VIP solutions.

What does a house kit consist of

Even the most inexpensive house kit from the manufacturer includes everything you need to erect a full-fledged residential building. That is, you will not have to buy something else additionally, and the installation does not require special tools and sophisticated equipment. Usually during construction and assembly a standard set of hammer, wrenches and screwdriver is used.

The standard version of the house kit includes:

  • Wall sip-panels in the number and size provided by the layout;
  • Concrete floor base;
  • Framed support columns for free planning of the interior space ;
  • Interfloor ceilings (in cases of a two-story frame house) ;
  • Bearing rafter and roof structure ;
  • Binding beam;
  • Fasteners and supplies ;
  • Construction instructions.

The equipment of different kits may vary slightly, due to differences in design and layout.

Why use a sip panel?

If we talk about the energy-efficient house kit, it is necessarily used in the form of veneer panels. This multilayer material is characterized by high performance and has a layer of insulation, so that the construction does not need additional insulation.

Advantages of CIP panels over other upholstery materials:

  • Low weight, which makes it possible to significantly lighten the residential structure;
  • High strength, reliability, safety and durability of the material;
  • High thermal insulation properties, which reduces the cost of space heating;
  • Easy processing and easy installation.

Is it worth buying a house set?

Given that the price of the house set is low, it seems that this solution simply has no alternative if you need to quickly and inexpensively build a country house. This opinion is wrong. In recent years, serious competition to frame cottages and houses of the classical type are spherical structures. They are also residential buildings on the basis of a dome-shaped frame that have the same advantages as the above-mentioned house sets, but appreciably beat them financially.

Company «Dome4Home» offers prefabricated model kits modular houses , as well as the calculation, manufacture and installation of spherical houses of any size and complexity (including photos) to order.

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