Home kit — dacha or cottage diy

Home kit - dacha or cottage diy The construction of a summer cottage or country house is a difficult task that many residents of urban apartments periodically face. And even more inhabitants of megalopolises only dream about it. After all, building is a costly and time-consuming affair. Solve the problem in the shortest possible time and at minimal cost will allow inexpensive house kit — a ready-made set of elements and building materials for independent construction of a house.

Home kit — Do it yourself

The construction of a classic cottage — made of wood or brick — is a task that often takes several years to complete. At the same time, the cost of construction materials and installation is also quite high. In this regard, panel house sets are a real godsend for those who want to build quickly.

The technology of erecting housing out of vip-panels in general resembles frame house construction . These are also fairly lightweight structures that can be mounted on strip or post foundations. The base of the house is made up of inexpensive panels sawn according to the project. Between itself they are fastened with elements of timber. Thus, as the building is constructed, an inner frame is formed that gives the structure rigidity and strength.
House kits vary in composition — depending on the layout and class of the building that can be erected from it.

The standard kit includes:

  • Wall Panels;
  • Flooring elements;
  • Roof structure;
  • Concrete floor;
  • Strapping bar;
  • Fastening elements;
  • Consumable materials.

In addition, the set necessarily includes assembly instructions. Following it, even without specialized tools and a lot of experience, you can create a full-fledged living house for the whole family.

Geodesic dome structures

But cost-effective solutions to the problem of suburban housing is not limited to prefabricated paneled house sets. An excellent alternative to a standard cottage or vacation home will be a geodesic sphere — a special dome structure of frame type.

The basis of such a structure is a triangular grid made of metal, composite materials or wood. It is covered with sheet materials with insulation and moisture insulation. Thus a full-fledged house in the form of a hemisphere is formed.

« Dome4home Company » offers ready-made projects of domed structures, as well as a service of calculation, manufacturing and installation of spherical houses to order — to individual sizes and according to the preferences of the customer.

Our specialists are able to calculate and implement a project of any complexity — by sketch, drawing or photo of the customer. We will also undertake the transportation of the set to any locality of Ukraine and its assembly on site. You can pick up your order yourself in Dnepr and Kiev, because our branches are located there.

To get more information and to place an order, contact our specialists on the indicated phones or leave a request on the site.