Glamping dome

glamping dome, glamping domes, Glamping, glamping Ukraine, glamping Europe, glamping Latvia, glamping Lithuania, glamping poland, glamping portugal, glamping france, geodesic glamping dome, dome glamping tent, dome glamping Glamping is a new word made up of the terms «camping» and «glamour». If the great outdoors doesn’t appeal to you, but a rugged sleeping bag, smoky clothes, and tinned breakfast doesn’t… then comfortable glamping in the woods is for you!

What is a glamping park?

In its essence, a glamping park is not much different from a campsite or a tourist camp with tents. But in terms of comfort — it is heavenly. Compulsory condition for a pleasant family holiday is a warm heated accommodation without clouds of mosquitoes, soft beds with silk sheets, multi-functional stove-grill and other things, which each of us is used to at home. How is this possible in the wild?

All thanks to a unique solution: geodesic spheres. These are cup-shaped frame structures made from metal or wood, covered with strong insulated PVC sheeting. Externally such structures resemble igloos — spherical dwellings of northern peoples. By the way, the choice of such shape is not accidental; it is caused by geometric features of the sphere — it has a minimal surface area with a maximum volume. That is, the advantages of such a design are obvious:

The spherical shape of the dwelling is not accidental.

  • Smaller footprint to accommodate a spacious pavilion/angar/tent.
  • Less construction material consumption than other buildings of similar volume.
  • Lowest heating and cooling costs.
  • Resistance to bad weather — rain, wind, snow.

In addition, these structures are easy to manufacture and assemble, can be quickly dismantled for the transfer to another place and have high strength. They distribute the load evenly over the entire structure and withstand vibrations and deforming shocks very well.

How to build a glamping site?

The best option to quickly and inexpensively organise a glamping site at sea or in the woods is to use geodesic domes from Dome4Home. These can be prefabricated structures, such as a cocoon house, which is mounted on a tree, or dome tents made to order — to individual customer dimensions. The Kalyazin glamping site — in the immediate vicinity of the yacht club — is organised along these lines, for example, and is designed for comfortable family holidays.

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Dome structures — comfortable glamping in Europe

You can order and buydome glamping domes in company «Dome4Home», engaged in the design, production, implementation, installation and maintenance of rapidly erected structures. Available products are shown in the pictures.

Our advantages:

  • A large selection of prefabricated dome-type structures.
  • Customised manufacture and sales of structures.
  • Delivery Europe, USA.
  • Preparing the area and professional installation.
  • Service and repair of buildings.
  • Components for geodesic domes.
  • Best prices in Europe.

Contact our specialists on +38 (067) 524 72 92, +38 (095) 776 72 63 or leave a request via feedback form for consultations and ordering.