Economical dacha house. Dacha in 3 weeks

Economical dacha houseDacha houses — a common type of building today, often used not only for temporary, but also for seasonal or permanent residence. However, the creation of a good-quality brick structure will require large financial and time costs, which is not always justified for the construction on the homestead plot. While modern frame technology makes the construction of dacha houses more affordable.

Geodesic dome and its use in architecture

Although domed buildings are known for a long time — since the middle of the last century — in our country they have become popular only in the last few years. The peculiarity of the technology is a combination of functionality, space ergonomics, high performance and original appearance.

Geodesic dome — the invention of American engineer Richard Fuller, who took as a basis the classic form of dwellings of northern peoples — igloos. Build a holiday home with a spherical shape can be quickly and inexpensively. And such a structure will look original on your site, will be a truly comfortable home for the whole family. Wide use of geodesic dome in modern architecture due to the peculiarities of the form. The fact that the sphere «allows» to cover the maximum volume of the minimum area. It is very convenient in economic terms:

  • Consumption of construction materials for the frame, cladding the house is less than with conventional houses «boxes» with the same living area
  • The possibility of using a simplified strip or pile foundation, due to the lightness of construction
  • Low heat loss, the minimum cost of heating in the winter

In addition, the configuration of the building is such that its heating by sunlight is minimal, which also reduces the cost of air conditioning.

How to Buy a Dacha Dome House in Europe

«Dome4Home» specializes in the design, manufacture, and sale of spherical frame structures. The basis of such structures is a large triangular «grid» of metal or wood. After installation on the foundation, the frame is insulated, clad externally and internally according to the project. Depending on the size of the sphere you can calculate and build a holiday home with one or two floors, modify it by adding a porch, extensions, changing the configuration of windows.

«Dome4Home» offers both finished frame structures and domed dacha houses on a turnkey basis according to the individual dimensions of the customer. Engineers of the company will make calculations, design any type of construction, taking into account the wishes and financial capabilities of the client.

All products can be delivered to any country in the world. View photos, see the available layouts on the official website «Dome4Home». To find out the prices, clarify the terms of cooperation, order the manufacture and installation, leave an online application on the site without registration or contact the consultants by the phone numbers listed.