A dome tent — advantages and benefits

Dome marquee, dome marquees, dome marquees, event marquees, marquees for fairs, marquee dome Dome Tents are the most advanced design for the entertainment industry. You will love them for two simple reasons: spherical structures are cost-effective and attract people. Why are there so few people involved in installing dome marquees for banquets and fairs in them? Because the design is unusual and older businesses in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine do not trust the innovations and prefer methods and forms which are slowly losing relevance.

What are the benefits of a dome marquee design?

Firstly, the surface area of a sphere is smaller than that of a parallelepiped of similar volume. So a dome tent will be able to accommodate the same number of customers as a normal tent, but the PVC membrane area that the tent is covered in will be 30% less than for a square tent. Also the smaller surface area means less energy exchange with environment: in summer air-conditioning in a dome will provide colder air and in winter less resources will be used for heating of a circular tent. The dome will also be better protected against noise due to its smaller surface.

A marquee for the fair is characterised by a stable and sturdy construction. Conventional square tents are supported at several points. One unfortunate guest damages one of the supports — the tent already threatens to fall on the heads of visitors. Dome is a self-supporting construction; strong metal frame does not need additional ties and supports and is able to stand even under severe damage. The frame is covered by a durable PVC membrane made in Europe, on which you can apply any branding and make transparent areas-windows.

Why a marquee for an event would benefit you?

Because modern people are attracted to anything out of the ordinary. Our domed pavilions have hosted modern cafés, weddings and birthdays, our marquees were installed in the Eurovision 2017 fanzone and were hugely popular with tourists. The large domed structure is a simple and unusual shape that interests visitors and draws them in better than flashy advertising.

The unusual spherical shape of the banquet hall or cafe encourages visitors to take pictures with it and share those pictures. You will immediately receive free advertising, which will have a positive impact on profits.

Well, one last advantage — the prefabricated structure consists of a lightweight and durable frame and a membrane stretched over it. We can assemble everything ourselves on a turnkey basis, but we can also instruct your workers on how to assemble a marquee. Then you can quickly disassemble the marquee for storage (if you have a seasonal business) and just as quickly assemble it at another location. Only a crane and a few workers are needed to install the marquee.