Dome sauna in Ukraine: price and benefits

Dome bathhouseMany people cannot imagine their holiday without a bathhouse. What can be better than after a long week of work to go to the country or a cottage in the countryside to enjoy a bath in your own bathhouse. That is why bathhouses are among the most frequent orders on the construction market. If you have built a cosy country-house and are going to put a nice sauna on your plot, you have probably asked your friends about the peculiarities of the exploitation of the sauna. After all, only frequent use of a single construction reveals all the advantages and disadvantages.

Building a dome sauna — profitable and fast

You may have heard the following: «It takes a lot of fuel, it is too expensive. There are draughts in the wind and the walls have to be sealed. And it loses heat too quickly, particularly in the wind. It is expensive…». These words apply to conventional rectangular baths, but we suggest the construction of a dome-type bath, a construction that is economical and unique in our country.

The idea of domed houses first appeared in northern Canada. Eskimos built domed houses out of snow and ice called igloos, which had good heat-saving properties, simple construction and resistance to wind. We studied Fuller’s geodesic dome technology closely and carried out measurements and calculations to determine the effectiveness of such a construction.

Benefits of a dome bath

It turned out that the dome bath cost us 20% less than a similarly sized rectangular bath. The money saved can be used for any purpose, but our clients often decide to buy better equipment, make a nice finish or buy additional equipment.

The results are shocking: the dome uses 40% less fuel to maintain a 70-degree temperature than the box. This is due to the difference in surface area between the hemisphere and the parallelepiped. The latter is 30% larger in area, so even advanced energy-saving panels won’t save it.

Building a dome bathhouse had already paid off at this stage, but we went ahead and measured the temperature near the walls of both structures when a strong cold wind picked up. No draughts were felt in the dome, as the wind currents gently rounded the panels and did not have time to remove heat from them. The rectangular bathhouse, on the other hand, turned out to be very cold near the wall into which the wind was blowing. We drew our own conclusions and realised that domed baths hold heat very well and are therefore ideal for their purpose.

So we can confidently say: a turnkey domed sauna is the best option if you want a high-quality construction and a sea of pleasure from using your own sauna. If you are interested in the domed baths and their detailed characteristics — fill in the application form, the manager will contact you and answer all your questions.