Tent domes: price and benefits

Tent domes, geodome tents, geometric dome tent,geodesic dome tents Are you about to open your business and looking for a company to build a geodesic dome tent for you? Tent domes are now much more attractive than «full-blown buildings» made of brick or stone. In the long run, a geodome tents will cost less for a year than renting space in one of the hyped shopping centres or similar buildings. What’s to say — a metal structure is much lighter, requires less red tape and will cost less than a brick building.

Building a tent domes for business

We’ve gone a step further and offer you the manufacture of a geodome tents. We have done some research to find out how much the performance characteristics of dome structures differ from conventional «boxes». It turned out that they save heat more efficiently and are better suited for placement inside restaurants and shops than rectangular buildings. Why are there practically no dome buildings in Ukraine? Because young architects are trained by grey-haired men, who cannot yet get away from their liking for brick and armoured concrete. Those who want to build a hemisphere have to invent their own construction technology by calculation, trial and error.

Benefits of geodome tents

A dome-shaped event tent is ideal for a restaurant or cafe. Firstly, the dome built using our technology is a self-supporting construction. There are no load-bearing walls or columns to be built and used, and the space can be used as desired. What do you think of the restaurant with the huge round dance floor in the middle? Yes, all the newlyweds in the city will be lining up to celebrate their wedding there. And also to take pictures and show their friends the unusual round restaurant of the future. Free advertising and regional publicity!

The tent domes is well suited to trade everything from food to electronics. Firstly, the energy efficiency of a dome is much better than that of a similarly sized «box». This is easily explained: the surface area of a hemisphere is smaller than that of a cube of the same volume, which means that the heat exchange is less active. In practice, this saves up to 40% of what you would otherwise spend on heating. Also, don’t forget the robustness of the structure: the partitions inside the shop can be installed as you wish rather than as the architect has designed.

Last but not least is the speed with which the dome can be built. It is quickly assembled from the necessary materials, like a huge construction set. This method of construction allows you to build a geo dome tents on a turnkey basis in three to five weeks. And the lightweight construction does not require a foundation, which can cause problems in the form of greedy officials.

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