Dome houses as an alternative to dachas

Dome houses - an alternative to dachas A dome is a construction that is highly reliable, stable and ergonomic. The internal space of such a structure has a maximum volume with a minimum surface area. On the one hand, it allows you to optimally organize the room, on the other hand — reduces heat loss and allows you to minimize costs for heating, air conditioning and ventilation.

Dome structures and their features

The spherical structure is not new in the world of architecture. Spherical structures have been around for at least a few hundred years. And the domed houses in their present form have been known since the 50s. The author of the concept was an American engineer Buckminster Fuller. Therefore such structures are also called Fuller’s spheres or geodesic domes.

In addition to their original appearance, domed houses have the following advantages:

  • Slightness of construction, allowing it to be erected on a low-cost strip or pile foundation.
  • Less material consumption than in the case of the classic shape.
  • High resistance to wind and snow loads and adverse weather conditions.
  • High-speed assembly / disassembly, easy to install.

Only dry technology is used in the construction of the domes, making the process faster and cheaper. So the finished frame and sawn upholstery materials can be «turned» into a structure in just a few days. Therefore dome houses are a great alternative to residential and holiday buildings — house, cottage, greenhouse, etc.

Dome houses from «Dome4Home»

Our company specialises in the design, manufacture, assembly and maintenance of spherical frame structures. We offer a wide range of turnkey structures of various sizes and areas. Therefore, if you are planning to build a holiday home for seasonal or permanent residence, take advantage of our offer.

The basis of construction is a solid metal or wooden frame, which is sheathed with decorative building materials with obligatory warming, vapor- and moisture-insulation. Service lines are laid inside the walls. Internal space is arranged according to the design and may have one or two floors.

A spherical building can be designed individually. Through the use of specialised software we are able to calculate the construction according to individual dimensions taking into account the wishes and financial possibilities of the customer. The specialists at The lead time can vary depending on the complexity of the construction, materials and production time. Usually it does not exceed 2-3 weeks — from the moment of registration to the delivery of the finished building.

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