Building of houses on a turn-key. Building cottages.

Building of houses on a turn-key Technologies of frame construction of domed structures are still quite rarely used in Ukraine because of their exotic character. But even now on the territory of elite suburban settlements you can often find original spherical structures — geodesic dome houses. What are the special features of such projects? Why are they better than standard brick buildings in terms of performance? Let’s try to find out.

Dome architecture

Firstly domed house construction mastered many hundreds (thousands) of years ago. Why did our ancestors choose this particular form? Several factors contributed to it:

  • Spherical structures better withstand winds, perfectly capable of withstanding the snow load.
  • The dome-shaped structure allows the best possible distribution of interior space.
  • The sphere has a minimum surface area with maximum volume, which means that its heat loss is also minimal.

All these factors are relevant today if you want to quickly and inexpensively build a cottage. After all, with the same usable area of interior space, the construction of such a building requires 20-25% less building materials.

Benefits of geodesic domed structures

If we consider the construction of a house on a turn key basis, the dome buildings win not only due to better performance, higher ergonomics. The financial component plays an important role. Prices for turnkey houses are largely determined by materials. In the case of a geodesic dome their cost is significantly lower as well as the cost of heating, ventilation.

Turnkey Home Construction

The main activity of the company «Dome4Home» — turnkey cottage building and construction of other buildings of dome type. With us you can buy ready-made frames made according to the project or order the calculation and manufacture of the construction according to the individual dimensions of the customer.

The basis of the building is a frame, which is clad with decorative materials. Inside is laid insulation, laid utilities. Even taking into account the internal partitions, furniture, occupants, the total weight of the structure turns out to be small. Therefore, during the erection of fuller’s structures, a lightweight post or strip foundation is used.

Assembly of walls and partitions of the building is carried out by dry technology, which significantly reduces the time and labor costs. The team of specialists of «Dome4Home» performs a complete installation of even complex structures in a few days. All materials and tools we also deliver ourselves to any city in Ukraine (Kiev, Dnepr, etc.).
See the projects of construction of houses on a turnkey basis and photographs can be on the official site «Dome4Home». To get more information or to make an order, call by the specified phone numbers or leave the online application form on the site.