Building of domed house in Ukraine

Dome house UkraineDome houses — an unusual construction type for our country. In principle the construction of the dome is not very different from that of a frame house. To build a geodesic dome you need only a light foundation, the necessary materials and a few people who will connect them. Why dome houses are not built everywhere? Firstly, universities mostly train «classical» architects, followers of tradition and ancient columns. Secondly, our people rarely dare to do something «out of the ordinary», so only those who have realised their advantages over conventional «square» houses live in domes now.

Building a dome house in minimum time

The first advantage is that building a dome-shaped house is less expensive than building a normal house. This is already evident in the design: when the future owner of the dome has received the passport and delivered the materials, the owner of the «cube» will agree on the construction of a solid foundation. Although the design of a dome house is more complex than that of a conventional house, we have been involved in the construction of half-spheres for many years and are quick to carry out all calculations. For example, both calculations and practice show that the construction of a dome will take 20% less materials than the construction of a frame house of rectangular shape, if both have the same effective area. .

Fast and high-quality

The second advantage is that everything is done quickly. The dome house in Ukraine turnkey is erected in four months. And we call the time from «Hello, can you build it?» to «Thank you, tomorrow we will move in» and not the time spent by the workers at the site. Workers quickly assemble the dome from timbers, connectors and other elements, set it on the foundation and start cladding it with panels of insulation. It takes less than a week to close the shape of the frame, and after that the interior walls and the underfloor heating can be finished. The frame with the panels does not have much weight; it can be lifted with a standard hoist. This allows you to work in any weather. There is no need to start building in spring for fear of autumn frosts. We have several orders completed in the winter and these houses are no worse than those delivered in the summer.

The construction of a dome-shaped house in Ukraine is completed when the owner moves in. What awaits the owner of the house of the round shape? Firstly, excellent heat insulation. The dome and the box of the same effective area differ in surface area — the dome has 30% less surface area. This means less heat loss, less air to heat, better noise insulation and fewer drafts. Why? Because the larger the object, the less energy it releases into its environment. The sphere is the most energy-efficient form in the universe, and we use it in construction.

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