Building a turnkey cottage at a low cost

Building a turnkey cottage at a low costHolidays in the countryside are much healthier for your health than a weekend spent in front of the TV. At the cottage you can do a lot of things that are not available in the big city — steam in your own bath, catch fish in a small clean river, watch the sunrise of their own harvest or just relax among nature. But for all this you need to build a country house.

Wooden cottage

The most economical solution is to buy or build a vacation home made of wood. Frame houses have been built in Europe and North America for a hundred years, despite the fact that it can be colder in Scandinavian countries, the USA and Canada than in our country. Modern insulation and insulation technologies allow to make a frame house very warm and suitable for recreation in the winter. At the same time, in the summer it will be cool inside a frame house, as the heat exchange between the outside air and the air inside the house is as difficult as possible. This means that a frame house can be quickly warmed up even with a small electric heater and it will keep warm for a long time.

Comfortable and beautiful dacha on a turnkey basis

If you need turn-key house , which should not only provide you with good conditions for recreation, but also impressive appearance, we recommend building a frame house in the form of a dome. They are not much more expensive than conventional frame houses, their construction will be overpowered by a small team of 3 people and will finish the house in a month maximum. Such a house is well suited as a cottage. The simple walls do not require much finishing and decorating, and the house itself does not need constant care.

A frame house keeps heat well thanks to the use of modern insulation. The cost of such a house also decreases due to the fact that it is not necessary to pour a powerful foundation. A dome house does not weigh much, so it can be built on almost any site and on most types of soil, if you provide it with the right foundation.

Building a turnkey cottage would be incomplete if we did not offer additional finishing with siding, battens or WPC — Wood-Polymer Composite. It will smooth out all the irregularities of the walls and protect them from the devastating effects of moisture and all kinds of parasites. Therefore, building a wooden dacha will be the right decision if you care about your health and the health of your family. Also a wooden summer house is ideal for recreation: when you come to the cottage, you will only need to turn on the heat and clean a little bit. You can forget about the constant whitewashing, patching cracks, rodent control and drafts. A frame dome house does not require constant careful maintenance to look beautiful, and you can really come to the cottage to rest, not to work.

Interested in building a cottage? Write to us and we will tell you all the details!