Building a private house on a turnkey basis at low cost

Building a private house on a turnkey basis If you have seriously thought about building a private home, then you have thought about how realistic it is to build a house with your own hands. Let us remind you of the pitfalls that you will have to overcome if you are not a professional builder.
It is the difficulty in compiling documentation and designing a house according to all the rules in the SNiP, it is the difficulty in choosing building materials and understanding their properties, pros and cons. Many people give up already at the stage of construction, when hard physical work eclipses the previous difficulties. But when private house building is finished, you can proudly tell everyone that you were able to make every man’s dream come true. If you are intimidated by some difficulties — we can help you with the technical documentation, the construction of the frame and other stages of construction.

Construction of an inexpensive private home

The first thing to do is to do some research. You need to know what kind of soil you’re going to build on, whether it can withstand your house and not sag, whether the location of your house is legal, how will the communications to your house and more. If at this stage you have difficulties — we recommend seeking professional help.

Next comes the preparation of necessary documentation, at this stage it is also advisable to contact knowledgeable people to avoid problems with obtaining permission to build your own house. For this permission you will need a small list of papers: proof of title to land, the construction project of the house, the decision, which confirms the right to build, the site plan for construction and drawings of all the buildings constructed on this site. Do not forget that we can help you draw up all the documents.

After drawing up the subject-estimate documents, you get a construction passport. Be warned that to collect these documents you will have to visit many instances and people (BTI, district administration, city planners, architects), so it is better to entrust the collection of documents to professionals to save time.

To facilitate the process of obtaining the necessary papers, you must adhere to dozens of rules. For example, the distance between your house and the roadway must be at least 5 meters. arely would anyone want to build a house so close to the road, but it is clearly spelled out in the SNiP. In addition, there are other restrictions concerning the area and height of the house, and compliance with all the nuances will help you to avoid the wrath of bureaucrats and make your private home comfortable and safe.

You also need a project, which consists of several parts, in order to obtain a passport. The project must have a general plan of the sector, a plan on which the foundation will be built, a plan of the rooms and other rooms of your house, a diagram for pipes and electrical wiring, and a plan for the construction of the roof.

Based on these documents, you can estimate how much it will cost to build a house. You can finally decide whether to build a house by your own efforts, or it is better to turn to professionals. Do not forget that professionals will build a much higher quality due to their knowledge, experience and reliable tools.