Building a frame house

Building a frame houseBuilding a house is a complicated and time-consuming process. A new house requires a huge amount of money and time to build. Especially if you build it the old-fashioned way, with bricks, pouring a strong foundation and clearing a large area for the construction. Nowadays, such houses are most often built to «escape» from the big city and live in silence, without the intrusive noise of cars, drilling neighbors and other «joys» of city life. What type of construction is considered the best in terms of time, cost and comfort of living in a new building?

What the company Dome4home can to offer?

We offer build a frame house by the well-known and widely used technology — a solid frame, which is clad with special panels. But the houses of our company differ sharply from other country cottages — our houses are round. The spherical shape has many advantages, which we use to great advantage for the client. Unfortunately, domed construction is not yet very developed in our country, but we are doing everything possible to popularize semi-spherical houses.

Why is the construction of a frame house in the form of a sphere a rarity? Architecture finally acquired its «square» look back in the days of ancient civilizations. Archaeologists have established that in ancient Egypt most of the houses of the common inhabitants were rounded, almost without right angles. The round shape was a self-supporting structure. No architectural talent was required to build a house with walls beveled to the center, and such a building could withstand storms and floods without collapsing on the heads of its occupants. «Square» buildings required certain calculations and the skill of builders and architects, so they became the hallmark of the nobility, which was passed down first to the Greeks and then to the rest of Europe.

The Eskimos, inhabitants of Greenland and northern Canada, also built domed igloos using only ice and snow. They did this for three reasons: to save building materials, time and energy. The surface area of a dome house is 30% less than that of a similarly sized conventional house. Therefore, fewer resources, both material and manpower, are needed to build a hemisphere. By reducing the surface area, heat exchange with the environment is also reduced, which saves fuel for home heating.

Construction of a round frame house is the best option if you want a beautiful, comfortable and profitable house. We have well-tested spheres construction technology and manage to build a medium-sized house in less than 3 months. A frame house allows you to seriously save money. First, the lightweight construction does not need a strong foundation. Secondly, since the surface area of the dome is less than that of a «box», you need less building materials. Third, a dome house is much cheaper to operate — the roof is completely waterproof and without gaps, and due to the reduced heat exchange with the outside environment you can save up to 50% of the cost of heating.

How will the roundhouse be built?

Construction of a round-frame house goes like: we pour a light foundation and start assembling the frame. A team of workers is enough for the installation, sometimes a crane is required. After assembling the frame, we begin to install special waterproof panels with thermal insulation, install metal-plastic windows and doors. This allows you to achieve not only effective insulation and savings, but also good noise insulation.

If you are interested in building dome houses — leave an application, then you will be contacted by a manager and will answer any questions.