Building of domed sphere house

Building a domed sphere houseArchitecture has not changed much for thousands of years. The basic need of people of all times is a roof over their heads and warmth. Natural caves, then man-made dugouts, the first low houses, stone walls and marble palaces have evolved into gigantic structures of reinforced concrete and glass. Modern skyscrapers are built to accommodate a maximum number of people in one area. Architecture comes down to one principle — build a pillar, put a slab and cut a window for access and ventilation. But architects and clients forget that modern building materials allow for advanced design solutions.

Modern dome house design

Instead of conforming to the typical fashion for tall houses with many fine details and an elaborate façade, we have created our own vision of an economical and ecological dome-shaped house. What is needed to build a simple dwelling on a private plot of land? Machinery for digging the foundation pit, a huge amount of building materials: bricks, concrete, fittings, wood etc., and a dozen workers to spend months laying bricks and building walls. Not everyone will like that kind of atmosphere on their own land, even if the result is a typical pretty house. Yes, it is yours, but the neighbours have the same house, and a more beautiful and individual design will only come out after a long and expensive search for an architect and additional costs for materials and qualified builders. We offer a unique design, which in the long run will be cheaper than a «classic» house of the same size.

Building a domed house-sphere is a traditional form of construction for northern peoples, who struggle all their lives with the cold, the wind and the eternal lack of building materials. The lack of «nobody’s» building materials played a decisive role, Eskimos learned to build warm and durable houses using minimum bricks. The Eskimo igloo is a vivid example of the triumph of common sense and the use of the laws of nature over the human desire for «Higher! Bigger! Harder!». We took the experience of the Eskimos and conducted our own research and calculations to create a unique technology for the construction of dome houses.

The advantages of dome architecture

Why a dome? We’ll tell you in a moment. Most of the inventions of mankind are based on the fact that we take experience from Mother Nature and use it to improve our own lives. A sphere is the most optimal state of any matter, in which matter is distributed evenly, with the least surface tension and the smallest object area. The smaller contact area, the less heat is lost. Therefore, a dome house is the best solution if you want to pay half as much for heat as usual.

How will the circular shape of the room affect the well-being of the occupants? Firstly, the absence of corners is good for mental health. Uniform lighting of the room is subconsciously perceived as being in nature — in an open field or at sea. We have been building dome houses for 8 years, and we survey our new clients on occupancy and after a year of living in our house. All occupants of dome homes, report an increase in ability to work and a lower level of stress compared to what they experienced while living in a standard flat or house. If you have any questions about the health benefits of dome homes — describe us, we will be happy to answer!