What is a geo-dome?

geodome house, geo dome home, geodesic house, geodesic dome home kit, geodesic home, geodomes for sale, dome home for sale, dome homes prices Geodesic dome is a hemispherical thin shell structure (lattice-shell) based on geodesic polyhedron . In triangular elements domes are structurally rigid and the distribution of structural stresses throughout the structure, which makes geodesic domes able to withstand very high loads for their size. Read more

What is an eco-house?

What is an Eco House?Eco-concept homes are a modern fashion statement. Although the term is not clearly defined. It usually refers to modern architectural solutions created with minimal environmental impact and high performance. Read more

How to build a house DIY

How to build a house DIY If you believe the old proverb, among other things, every man should build a house with his own hands. Is it possible to do it without construction experience? Read more

Home kit — dacha or cottage diy

Home kit - dacha or cottage diy The construction of a summer cottage or country house is a difficult task that many residents of urban apartments periodically face. And even more inhabitants of megalopolises only dream about it. Read more

House kit of CIP panels

House kit of CIP panels House kit of CIP panels – a set of necessary building materials and structural elements, designed for the independent installation of a residential house or a country cottage. Read more

Building of houses on a turn-key. Building cottages.

Building of houses on a turn-key Technologies of frame construction of domed structures are still quite rarely used in Ukraine because of their exotic character. But even now on the territory of elite suburban settlements you can often find original spherical structures — geodesic dome houses. Read more

Economical dacha house. Dacha in 3 weeks

Economical dacha houseDacha houses — a common type of building today, often used not only for temporary, but also for seasonal or permanent residence. However, the creation of a good-quality brick structure will require large financial and time costs, which is not always justified for the construction on the homestead plot. Read more

Wedding marquees: types, options, how to order?

Wedding marquees types, options, how to book?Wedding celebrations in nature are a popular trend in recent years. It is especially true of events in the warmer seasons. A celebration in nature is an opportunity for the participants to relax and unwind in the fresh air, and for the main characters of the celebration to get beautiful pictures and videos. Read more

Glamping dome

glamping dome, glamping domes, Glamping, glamping Ukraine, glamping Europe, glamping Latvia, glamping Lithuania, glamping poland, glamping portugal, glamping france, geodesic glamping dome, dome glamping tent, dome glamping Glamping is a new word made up of the terms «camping» and «glamour». If the great outdoors doesn’t appeal to you, but a rugged sleeping bag, smoky clothes, and tinned breakfast doesn’t… then comfortable glamping in the woods is for you! Read more