Advantages of domed houses

Benefits of dome housesBuilding parallelepiped shaped houses is a clear sign of traditional architecture. Straight walls, rectangular windows and the pursuit of height and «beauty» fully characterise most modern buildings.

This tradition is justified for the construction of skyscrapers, business centres and apartment blocks where a huge number of rooms are supposed to fit into a small area. But for private homes, the well-being of the occupants and saving money and time mean more than for skyscrapers. This is why creative people are increasingly making use of our construction of dome houses.

Benefits of dome-shaped houses

1) A sphere is the figure with the largest volume for the same surface area. A sphere built with the same amount of material as a cube will have 20% more volume.
2) A sphere is the perfect shape in terms of aerodynamics. The dome is easily circumvented by air currents, the snow rolls away on its own, and the house can withstand the strongest storm.
3) Minimal material consumption compared to similar «traditional» projects
4)Fast construction thanks to large prefabricated blocks.
5)Sturdy and lightweight construction — the dome supports itself without the need to build thick load-bearing walls.
6) The dome is also the roof. A seamless monolithic structure covered with asphalt shingles cannot leak. Heavy rain, hail or wind make a soft noise that is not audible at all compared to a metal roof or metal tiles.
7)The monolithic construction is very resistant to destruction. Each dome element is supported by four neighbouring elements, and even if the wall is seriously damaged, the load will be evenly distributed on the neighbouring elements and the building will stand firm.
8)The construction of a house requires a minimum of equipment. We deliver all the materials you need and the construction team builds the house on a turnkey basis in just a few weeks.
9)Fast foundation construction without the need to dig a large pit.
10) Spheres can be used not only for residential buildings but also for swimming pools, greenhouses and greenhouses, shops, cafés, hotels and other forms of commercial construction. The spherical shape of the building will attract visitors who want to touch the future today.
11)We have many ready-made house projects
12)The spherical shape is good for the well-being of the residents. A strong distinction from the tried-and-true right angles has a good effect on the ability of creative people to work: musicians, writers, artists, designers.

These properties, combined with the fast payback period of a dome house, allow you to save well on the construction of your own home and get not just a template project, but a beautiful futuristic house. We have been engaged in construction of spherical structures for 10 years and we know all the advantages of dome houses. If you have any questions — leave an application form to get a quick answer about the dome house.